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Epik redesign (sucks)

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Why sucks.
Not because of redesign.

They were not registering domains a few days ago, and not refunding either, and after
our complaint it was fixed but after 24 hours. Anyway, can we assume it was not intentional,
and just a bug which was fixed permanently: No..

"Registered" (paid to register ) 2 domains.. After 10+ minutes they were not registered.
So registered them elsewhere. They refunded for one of them only, after 2+ hours.
Why just one? To create illusion of refund. Someone trying to use Epik system for scamming.
If Epik is not doing it as a company, then someone working there doing it.
If a bug is being fixed, and later comes back several times, after each fix,
then I see evil intention there.
This is not the only bug which is fixed, but not fixed permanently.
Who knows, they might be deleting our freshly registered domains as well,
as if we wanted to cancel them, and not refund for them (which would wake us up,
plus they can't profit if they do).
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