EPIK automatically generated auth. codes not working !!!

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Unlocking domain at Epik and generating the authorization code is not possible !!

I am sure epik doing this intentionally to put barriers for the customers to stop transfering domains out !!

The domain will expire after two days and NO more chatting support and we should deal only by email to discuss the transfer !!
which f#king situation is this !!? Whats wrong with this company going from hell to hell !!!


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You’ll get email shortly with the auth code.
It’s a poorly worded, awful epik message, in addition, to being an unwanted change. — i didnt “Chat” for it, Dw.

The Auth Code will be in your email inbox.!

They might as well copy what NameCheap does for EPP; it’s basically the same thing; the only way to get EPP is email. Check junk mail, too. I will:
@bmugford, @tonyk2000, @Lox and @Future Sensors.

Nothing to worry about; but epik trying to make auth more inconvenient. Check email of your epik account; auth should be there by now (if hasnt already), @lovely4ever, I thought -felt the same. Dont worry! :)
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A little close to expiry, @lovely4ever

Now i worry they will purposely deny you EPP.

You are within the one week! Good luck, mate.
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