Emails during coronavirus. what are the best greetings & closing statements?

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    I've been sending emails more lately than before. No phone calls.

    Because of these times I've changed how I begin emails and end them.

    I genuinely am I a person cares about the well being of others. regardless of what people think of my domain registrations.

    That said and only that.

    What are the best greetings and closing statements in any emails for the current coronavirus?

    ODDLY I'm finding it a little difficult to begin and end an email to be relevant to the times. Is it just me?

    If you choose not to write something like "Hope all is well" in the beginning of an email you come off as insensitive. I've been writing something to that effect since the beginning so I'm not guilty of that.

    but I'd like to have more ideas as to how to begin any emails these days? or end them.

    I've done these below.

    I hope all is well with you and your family.

    and ending an email like well pretty much the same.

    "I hope all is well with you and your family" and adding "Wishing you good health and safety."

    Could this be improved you think? or is it just fine?

    Looking for suggestions. Thanks.

    I'd like one I can keep using with the same people I email on the daily basis. Something the relevant to the times and is as effective as "Goodbye" or "have a great day!"

    I don't even dare nowadays put in a "Have a great day!" or "have a wonderful day!".

    but at the same time too I don't want to end it like all depressing either.
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    It's weird to me like saying hi, I hope all is well with you and your family, are you interested in buying my domain?:cautious: I would prefer put some common tips at the end such like wash your hands frequently and wear a mask, people distancing etc. during this very timing.
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    hmmm thanks. You don't think it's a bit "lecturing" and even maybe "condescending" to to say something like that. People might take offense. You know how sensitive people are these days.

    They might say "what? You don't I didn't know that already?" lol

    oh and I didn't mean JUST outbound emails. If I did then I retract that. I mean in general but for business but also for personal stuff.

    Not just talking about your first email to your potential buyer you are contacting for the first time. but like when you've made a connection already and have repeated emails.
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    So it's better to put nothing, or maybe put something like this...:bored:
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    That seems a bit over the top. But then again I'm one of the "crazy" people who thinks everyone is overreacting.

    I mean yes people die from it, but they die from the flu too. We have at least gotten used to that and dont freak out like it's the end of the world and buy up all the toilet paper every flu season though...not to mention the myriad of other things.
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