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“It’s true. Efty always sounded like someone with a lisp trying to pronounce Etsy, so why not change to a LLL .com domain? BOB .com is perfect, and we have plans for a bot named Bob to handle all transactions. Yes, it will be on the blockchain!”
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The Parody News part is the giveaway

HeHe..... you should have let it go on for a bit.... was sooo funny it practically made sense. :xf.grin:

People would have spread it without reading properly, so I thought of making it clear before it got out of hand :-P
I'm heartbroken.:xf.frown: I thought that it was true that Efty were rebranding to Bob!!! And well, it would have made me feel proud Not to mention I would have lobbied to be their spokesperson in Canada, or mascot or something.
Bob (thinking now of changing my name to Efty)
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Haha... good one from DomainGang.

I bet GoDaddy would rebrand to pretty soon :)

Admittedly, when i visit GD, i type in god and let autocorrect in the browser pump out the full address so i hit enter. i can see GD picked their name well for the future :P
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“It’s true. Efty always sounded like someone with a lisp trying to pronounce Etsy

Always sounds a bit like "iffy" to me, or lefty, or nifty, or FT. Never much liked that name.

The new name suggests a good verb for domain selling, to bobbit, but that already has a meaning and suggests cut prices. Maybe bobbit will be their in-house cryptocurrency.

"Wow, I'm gonna bobbit my adult names..."
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