DynaDot marketplace - suggestion to include subject and message in reply to Domain Offers

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    When someone makes an offer in the DynaDot marketplace, Domain Offers, first we see this:

    then we open the message, and the details of the offer are there:

    but when we hit reply:
    the subject and message have disappeared. All we see is a blank no subject box to reply to the sender.

    (Unlike, for example, if someone sends us a message (Message Inbox))
    when we reply, the subject and the original message are referenced (Re : / quoted.

    MY SUGGESTION is that @Dynadot rework the system such that when we Reply to an offer made (to Domain Offers), that somewhere in the subject or body of the email, the original offer is quoted. Otherwise we end up having to copy paste the offer into the subject area ourselves, so that the recipient even knows what domain or offer we are referencing.
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  2. golan

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    I fully support this, thanks.

    Few times i replied to offers and always found that there's no subject or whatever. I can imagine if the prospect sent a few offers, let alone few dozens, how would he even understand what reply belongs to what offer.
  3. Dynadot

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    Thank you for the feedback and suggestion, I've passed this on to our team and hopefully we'll be able to have this added to the messaging and offers system.

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