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Hey everyone!

For the past several years I've been managing my domain portfolio in a spreadsheet, and that mostly worked when I kept it up to date. But that would strictly manage my portfolio in terms of seeing some stats like what domains I own, which extensions, and some ROI and P&L formulas I put together.

With some background in sales I know that you don't just let your product sit on a shelf and wait for people to find it. Even the most recognizable brands are executing outbound strategies every day. Most professional domainers that I know report between 1% to 2% in sales across their portfolio. Granted, those are very large portfolios, so that's still pretty good!

dotmine.com is focused around outbound sales for your portfolio, with a built-in CRM that hooks into the built-in public portfolio, see my signature, and landing page feature. Each domain captures analytics such as which outbound links are clicked and views per domain. And many more features for people who prefer to go out and sell their domains to increase sales.

Waiting for people to come across your domains is one way, so why not increase your chances by focusing more on outbound? I'd be happy to share some of my outbound strategies for sales in general - feel free to ping me. In the meantime check out https://dotmine.com to see if it's the right match to help you sell more.

I've added a few short 1 - 3 minute videos: https://www.youtube.com/@dotmine

More features and improvements are being added regularly as well.

Thanks for reading!

And a couple of screenshots (more on the home page/videos):

A snapshot of some stats and activity for a domain:
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