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There are still many opportunities in registering domains that can garner excellent returns on investment. However, you must have realistic expectations. The vast majority of hand registrations, that is registrations at bottom prices (purchased at 10 or more dollars per year), have the potential of yielding 1000 percent or more from the base registration price. The higher quality domains acquired at registration cost can yield a lot more, in the four digit price range. So how can you segregate domains from the three digit, four digit and zero digit groups. Obviously you don't won't domains in your portfolio that fall into the zero digit group (aka worthless). This is the primary drive of this article. But we also want to know what price range our domains fall into and avoid the temptation to register zero digit domains.

Let's start with the Do's.

There are schools of thought that teach that 4 letter domains, alphanumerical domains, and brandable domains can lead to sales. And it is true that they can. However, due to the sheer volume of such names, it is a game of numbers and wait time. You may get a bite here or there but often times it is an empty net. What makes more sense is registering domains in industries that are either thriving or growing. Acquire names that are at least two words, since one word names are almost all taken, unless you can afford them at reasonable prices. Also, make sure that the words work well together and sound smoothly when spoken. If you go with a brandable name, make sure that the word is a popular one (or common) and with only one change or at most two letter addition.

Choosing the right domain name to register can be likened to music. If you have an ear for music then you likely have an ear for good domain names. Recognizing what names sound right and which do not. This leads us to the Don'ts.

Don'ts in Domain Name Registration

Have you learned of a big sale for a specific domain? Did you then register a domain name with that name in it and added a word or a letter or number as prefix or suffix, hoping it would garner a percentage of the original sale? Even if the difference is by one or more characters, the value is immensely lower. Even if it is a difference by only one character, it can even make the domain worthless. Why? Because it will always be confused with the superior domain that was sold originally. The overarching principle in domain sales is uniqueness.

Another common "Don't" in domain registrations is registering domains with words in the wrong order. These domains may have good keywords but in the wrong order. What impact will that have on a brand or business? What impression will they create on visitors and prospective customers? The answers are obvious. They have absolutely no practical use.


These are some brief points about the Do's and Don'ts of hand registering domain that hopefully can help you save time and money. But more importantly, lead you on a path to create a better domain portfolio, and more quality sales. Remember, the best buyers are looking for domains that make great brands and business names.

There is so much more involved in this process, and I hope to discuss it in future articles. I wish you the best success in this exciting business of domaining.

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So much Gold in such a short post. I wonder why nobody responded.
I agree with everyone one of this.

Also what people don't realize is most of the domains, which is the majority, from the registration path of Afternic, Godaddy etc is because they actually type in the domain name to search for it. If a particular word combination is not something someone is going to type in, then you would need to be really good in outbound.

So another thought should be, would someone type in this word combo on godaddy?
The new extensions still offer opportunities...
So much Gold in such a short post. I wonder why nobody responded.
I agree with everyone one of this.

Thanks @blogspotter. Actually with all the things going on, I forgot I wrote this piece. It probably would have gotten more responses if it was in the blog section. Cheers.