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    Between time to time i am taking a look at the traffic charts of DAN lander for some domains and i am getting confused when i recognize surge of traffic on the daily chart on a specific date ( day ) of the month and the other days no traffic at all or very few , and thats indicate to what ?

    This domains are handregs , so it has no backlinks and no connection to any social webs or pages and has no records at google .

    I can understand traffic can come from namepros visitors if i listed the domain on the forum section of new registered domain ( regs of the day ) , BUT this domains are not listed even at namepros forum before .

    So since this domains has no backlinks or referals or record at google we must cancel the possibility that it can be whats called BOTS .

    Some of the domains registered from three months and some before 6 months .

    It is a sudden surge of the chart for one day on a ( specific similar dates ) or ( simlar period ) for some domains , and the rest of the week or month is totally calm situation ( no visitors ) !!

    Its funny and making me smile sometimes and sink in waves of imaginations :xf.laugh: , i say could be some of domains brokers doing a ( searching and checking campaigns ) on certain dates for domains wanted ! lol

    I put other assumption that could be a buyer scratching his head to buy or not to buy ! lol

    other assumptions that it could be DAN playing with charts to excite us and keep us motivated and optimistic :ROFL:

    BUT the traffic i mean here showing like more than 8 visitors on one day !! so how this no. of people choose this same date to attack the domain !!? is that by coincidence !! or it is the same person visited 8 times ..!!??

    I thought maybe i am wrongly reading the domain traffic charts and others can have different opinion and view better than me , even i had good experience in reading stock market and forex charts , but nothing make me confused like the domains chart at DAN lander !

    Thats why i addressed this subject to discuss and see the namepros members opinions about it ?

    Bellow examples of the charts i mean : ( whats happening around 7 of may ? :sneaky: ) lol

    chart 1.JPG chart 2.JPG chart 3.JPG chart 4.JPG
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    That is where one stops reading as your assumption is completely wrong. There are various types of bots and they can visit your domain for any reason.

    10 visits from random traffic in one day means nothing at all.

    If you consistently had traffic every day then it might have been worth your time to check where that traffic was coming from, whether it was 'real' or not etc. In your case though you shouldn't spend too much time and energy to try and figure it out as the traffic you showed in your graphs is negligible.
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    i know 10 visitors is nothing , but it worth to check because one of the 10 visitors could be intrested buyer , and it just confusing why thery are around sepecific date 7 of may , how to happend with some domains with different niches at same time !
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