Domain transfer after owner's death

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  1. gattoplano

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    this one is a sad story. Me and a dear friend owned a website (with relative domain) that we were managing together.
    Unfortunately he died in a car accident last May.
    This was a big tragedy (26 years old and very happy person) but I'm not telling more about it.

    The website and the domain are still with his name.

    I asked the registrar to modify the owner to me, but they (italian registrar) are asking for a fax that must be signed from his parents, copy of his documents, a lot of stuff that I really don't want to bother his family with.

    Since I have the data to the control panel, I entered it and unlocked the domain, to transfer it to godaddy at my name.
    I started the procedure, but suddenly godaddy is telling me that they sent an e-mail to my friend's mailbox that he must confirm to unlock the domain.
    Now, I (and no one) don't have access to his mailbox.

    I wanted to know, since I managed to unlock the domain, if there is any registrar that will allow me to make the transfer without asking for mail confirmation, because this thing is getting very heavy for me to handle.

    Any help or suggestion appreciated,

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  2. lenah

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    If you have access to the control panel. Change the contact information to your email. Wait the 90 days restriction on transfer and then repeat the procedure after the new year. The email will then go to your address.
  3. DotWeekly

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    lenah has hit the nail on the head!

    Change the Admin Email to yours. Then you will get the email. Since you are only updating whois info, the domain Really should not be locked. ICANN undated the guidelines and does not consider updating whois to "lock" the domain from being transfered.
  4. gattoplano

    gattoplano Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    if only it was so easy..

    Unfortunately that registrar is all about burocracy, and won't let me change the admin's email without sending a fax with copy of the documents of my friend.
    I know this sounds ridiculous but yes, I can't change data of the owner of the domain if I don't demonstrate that I am him by sending this damn fax with his documents that I don't own.
  5. MicroGuy

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    Have you tried again to access your friends email. This may be your best avenue if the registrar is giving you a hard time. Where is his email hosted?

    You could also open a new account at the registrar and push the domain into the new account since you have CP access.
  6. maxeaus

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    First of all i am very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and business partner. I think it would be best to ring the register and tell them the entire situation and resolve the issue from there.

    It sounds only natural to me that they would require documents, other wise some very underhanded stuff could occur to anybody in a similar situation. Not to suggest that this is the case. Italy is renowned for burocrasy im afraid.

    There may be a legal basis for creditors and family to inherit any assets, so it would make sense the parents may need to provide documents. If you try and get around the paperwork i think you risk losing the domain to the registry.

    I would suggest you approach the family members and explain the situation, and offer compensation for the domain ,ie half it's worth. I also think it may be worth speaking to a domain lawyer, like JB.

    Whatever you decide, i hope it all works out for you.
  7. Smith

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    Unfortunate situation, however, I personally think that it's good that the registrar won't transfer the name without documents.

    The current registrar should allow you to renew it so you shouldn't run into any issue with it expiring on you and this should allow you time to get a hold of the family allowing for time for everyone to be comfortable with it.
  8. gattoplano

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    yes Smith, I can renew it without problems.
    But this registrar is really a pain, since they sometimes change password (for "security reasons") and send it by email.

    And since I don't have access to this email, everything happening through it is not accessible to me.
    The domain and the site are not worth a lot, it's a simple website that is actually on .com but (it's an organization) I could move it to a new .org domain without much trouble.
    Much worst would be to disturb his family to gather documents or whatever.
    Thank you very much for your helps!
  9. weblord

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    sorry for your lost.
    i guess this is the only thing that needed to be done.
    but give it a delay.. after this tragedy has passed in the end your friend's family will appreciate it since you're taken care of your friend's valuable.
  10. newsiness

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    really sorry to hear that...hopefully you get those domains transferred successfully. Good luck
  11. bbalegere

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    Thats one problem with Godaddy
    You should have tried some other registrar like to transfer the domain.
  12. owntype

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    Very sorry to hear about this, and I would suggest you follow MicroGuy's suggestion, that's the easiest way to go.

  13. theuniverse

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    This is better.
  14. floatingworld

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    the truth is that if the website and/or domain name was equally owned by yourself and your friend, then the website share is the property of your friend's estate and you should not attempt to transfer as you have tried to do without agreement/authorisation from the estate. Well done registrar!
  15. My vote would be you explain what happened to the family, and get the required documents and then everything is (very much) on the "up-and-up."

    Otherwise, this thread becomes a little bit too much like "How to steal a domain in 10 days" and even if that isn't the intention, still has the potential to educate the shifty, :imho:

    -Allan :gl:
  16. labrocca

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    Renew it for 10 years first thing imho. If you get locked out or something else unfortunate happens you might be screwed. For the $100 you can at least ensure the domain will not get dropped.
  17. Corey

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    sorry for your loss.

    Contact the legal representative of the estate and organise it that way.

  18. FPForum

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    I agree. Give it some time. You can still manage it and update the nameservers. Renew it for sometime. Then wait patiently until the time is right to approach his parents about.

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