Domain names and cultural practice

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    Hi All

    Do you think or know through experience that a buyer's native business or social rituals have been a key event in a sale or no-sale

    Yes most global companies would understand business english, at a minimum

    But what of a Japanese Ceo who might be mindful of deference and humility?
    Or a Colombian data scientist pursuing blockchain applications
    or Pan-African business interests in AI

    Me, I am in Australia...So if there is anything you have ever wondered about the "wide brown land " let me know
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    Yes for buyer's native business, no for culture and social rituals.
    Whatever business you do, local or global, only 2 things are needed: honesty for seller and money for buyer.
    Nobody will want you to understand and respect cultural differences. Even it might backfire if you do. If you care about their culture/life style, people from any society -even the people in your own city- might think you are trying to deceive them :)
    Just be honest or make sure you have the money.
    Cultural difference maybe important only if you are trying to develop a non-economic relation like friendship or marriage.

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