Domain Name Stocks walloped so far in 2014

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    Well, despite the rosy picture painted for us on a weekly basis by domain "news" website(s), the real truth can be seen in the data cited above.

    Some of you here and elsewhere think the way to move forward is to continue to include the cesspool of scoundrels into the mix when it comes to "shining examples" of domainers, including the gratuitous cybersquatters, typosquatters, auction cheats, shill bidders, and registrars/registries that don't prevent domain theft. Some of you here think you must kneel at the altar of the usual domain "news" websites, despite a history of those sites deeming the scoundrels "reputable." When you act like sheep waiting to be sheared, guess what - you will be sheared, and documented history has proven that.

    Some of you here think the bell ringers should be banished, lest they reveal to the world the blemishes and shortcomings, both legal and ethical. Well, numbers don't lie, and the stock numbers reveal an industry not trusted by the outside world. Can you blame them? The word is already out.

    And don't think the purveyors of the domain forum sites are less culpable. Just look at who's buying ad space on those sites, essentially pouring money into the platforms in which domainers are, in many cases, led to the slaughter.

    Many of the domains owned by many individuals here would be worth plenty more if this industry wasn't supporting and encouraging the same scumbags that have fraudulently or surreptitiously picked our pockets in the past.

    Stock market up to new highs all year round. Domain stocks in the toilet. Don't blame the onslaught of new, worthless TLDs. Blame the stench from the cesspool.
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    Data that you didn't actually read?

    From the blog post, you had 2 winners:

    And the losers look like new gtld folks or reasons not having anything to do with domaining like:

    "Its click-to-call business lost business from a key customer and saw its stock drop like a rock."

    "lost 45% of its share value this year, thanks to the potential loss of a lucrative phone system contract."

    Had nothing to do with a lot of the stuff you just posted.
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    Sure it didn't.

    Your ostrich approach makes my point.
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    There are two distinct features if you take the money out of the equation that I see here.

    One is with the winners. Obviously, Verisign delegates the king and Tucows have been selling them since 1994. Let's take that out of the equation for now though. These two companies have been constantly innovating and expanding their reach into other markets. Verisign expanded into security and was acquired in that aspect by Symantec.

    Now, let's look at the losers. Neustar made the list. They are one of the oldest; and failing gTLD's in my opinion, of .biz. They haven't done anything innovative, except for hopping on the gTLD bus with the rest of the losers listed.

    The only aspect that separates with winners and losers is history and reputation. This can be a sign of times to come that's been told over and over: think before you invest.

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