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How long is a piece of string, how saleable is the domain. You'd get offers all day for 4 letter dot coms, a strong and truly understood 1 letter dot com (if you're prepared to accept a cheap enough price), how bad do you want to sell? People buying bulk domains, flipping in bulk, with certain contacts...this stuff happens. If you don't have a network or structure to do this, then no. IMO
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You need to spend some time and learn what makes a domain valuable or even sellable. As mentioned above, even if you have a decent portfolio of names, you will only sell between 1-4 percent of those in any given year depending on quality and price.

You registered this name 5 days ago. The fact that you as a new domain investor were able to easily acquire it should be your first clue. This domain went through an auction and drop process where 1000’s of experienced domain buyers all passed on the opportunity to own it.

On the plus side, looks like you are the 6th person to own it in the last 16 years. Of course the previous 5 owners all dropped the domain.

The ultimate question to ask and know the answer to when you buy a name is:

What use would this name have to an end user that would justify them spending money for it?

If you were sitting on a valuable name, you would have already received a number of direct messages from people here trying to get it from you cheap before you realized it was worth more 😁


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Popular location + popular / profitable business type for a quick sale. No trademark problems - unless there is an existing trademark. ' Florida houses for sale ' dotcom would be 40500 monthly search engine lookups $ 0,59. ' Texas gun trader ' dotcom would be 110000 M.S.E.L. ? p.c. ' California nails ' dotcom would be 22200 M.S.E.L. $ 1,28. How long it takes to sell down to how good you are outbound business savvy. There are many posts about it. Do research mate.
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