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Domain backorder question..!!

Labeled as discuss in Domain Expiration and Domain Drop Catching started by Innoverge, Oct 12, 2018.


  1. Innoverge

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    I would appreciate if someone could clarify this for me.

    For a domain with a backorder on it, can it be removed from a registrant's a/c and transferred to the back-orderer immediately at the end of expiry grace-period, if it's not renewed by then?

    Isn't there an ICANN rule to provide a mandatory redemption period?Aren't backorders supposed to fulfilled only at the end of redemption phase?
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  2. werty

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  3. golan

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    Usually backorder means that the catching registrar will attempt to catch the domain once it drops. Meaning, after all expiring periods end.Then the domain is fully free for new registration, fully clear from any previous registrant rights.

    I'm not sure what your problem is, but maybe it has something to do with some unclear registrars and people may call "backorder" something else.
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  4. Innoverge

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    I was initially under the impression that registrants had a definite chance at recovering their domain even after the grace period ends, for a redemption fee but, certain registrars who have an arrangement with other backorder registrars/auction partners, can waive the redemption period for a domain with a backorder on it and transfer the domain to the buyer at the end of expiry grace period, if it isn't renewed by then.
    Backorders don't necessarily have to wait until the pending delete phase to be fulfilled, the domain could be transferred away just as expiry grace period ends and denied redemption,if it has a backorder and the registrar has an agreement with other registrar auction houses.

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