Does .de reg date reset when you transfer out to new registrar?

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    Recently transferred out .de domains. I really should pay attention to the dates. I checked recently after transfer a bunch of .de domains out of Godaddy to Dynadot.

    I see that the .de domains reg dates have been changed. They were registered since 2016 and now they show 2019 they were regged. The date when they were transferred.

    What is going on here?

    Were they deleted by Godaddy and Dyndaot reregistered? I don't understand.

    If they deleted these domains are "pretty good" so I would have suspected someone would dropcatch them maybe.

    not one was but they are in my account on Dynadot.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?
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    Yea, it's totally crazy, German Registry DENIC (.de registry) is like one of the worst registries in the whole world...

    But considering your question: Basically you are right, .DE domains more or less don't have a creation/registration date. Only DENIC themself know it internally, but it is not published anywhere. Not even registars can see it. Therefore when you transfer a domain, registration date will always reset to the transfer date as the registrar has no other information.
    Same applies to the expiration date - only known to the registry and your current registrar

    Also take care when transferring .DE domains - expiration date is always reset to 1 year after transfer. So you loose all remaining time you had.
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    damn damn damn damn denic! lol alright. lesson learned. I think this is "set up" so that partner Registrars can make a buck with the renewals of .de domains which can get expensive depending which ones you stick with. leason learned. Thanks.

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