discuss Do you set targets on buying or selling??

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A number of established investors would tell you that they make money on the buy and not the sell. Because if you own the right domain names, sales are only a matter of time and negotiation.

And hence, an important question comes up:

1) Do you set a target for yourself to buy the right number of right names
2) Do you set a target for the number of sales?
3) Do you set a target for the total amount of sales (revenue/profits)
4) Do you involve yourself in a combination of some or all of these?

From now on, I have decided to be the first one (I was 3rd until now) and set a target for buying the right number of right names. Sales would only be a matter of time, thereafter.
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Being a domain investor has far too many uncertainties to even comment on such things. A target for the number of sales? Meaningless. I could say "yeah my target is 3 per month", yet the reality may be 3 per year. You can set a target, but you'll find your target and your reality is almost always very different. You can't predict / set these kinds of things in stone, unlike cutting someone's grass or washing windows...you're far more aware of what's in front of you and see the money, than being in the domain business. Too many variables involved, too many situations, too much speculation, for so called "targets" to be accurate or relevant. IMO
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