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I'm asking in all honesty, this really simple question because it is the most important. I'm thinking of coming back to domaining and affiliate marketing after being away for almost two years. Sure, I was making money back then but I was wasting tons of time. Why? Because I didn't have a game plan. I had no real, obtainable goals. Going with that I had no schedule. I got caught in a rut, which I'm sure a majority of people do: followed hype on SEO IM blogs, chased pie-in-the-sky dreams of just sleeping and making money. Again, I made money but nowhere near what I should have for the time I put in and the end product could have made a lot more if there was a plan or a strategy.

So, if you reply here, tell me what your plan is. Use it as motivation but also use it as a learning tool. Know that I'll be taking notes and hopefully more beginners will. This time around, I'm not gonna spend hours each day building comment backlinks or searching lackluster domains.

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