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Do we own a domain during grace-expired period

Located in General Domain Discussion, started by topdom, Feb 22, 2021 at 10:17 AM


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    During grace-expired period we can renew a domain at its usual renewal price, and get back all rights.

    But we can't manage DNS. Registrar chooses the DNS.
    Does this mean the registrar owns the domain?
    Can the registrar sell domain during that period with or without users' knowledge?

    Who is the admin contact in that period, we, or the registrar?
    Who will get emails sent to [email protected] ?

    Dynadot allows users to list and sell grace-expired domains.
    Namesilo doesn't allow users to list expired domains, but if already listed, you can manage those listings.

    So looks like this is a shared ownership. We have the right to renew, but all other rights belong to registrars.

    Redemption period seems to be even more complicated, registry also enters into the picture. 3 parties share rights (or a diferent pair of parties).

    I don't care about DNS, but I care about communication.
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