discuss Did domaining get you started in other businesses?

A lot of times, one thing leads to another and you find yourself in a different place altogether, good or bad.
For example,

1) You may leverage your income from domaining to invest in cryptocurrencies which blew up and now you are into crypto big time
2) You started with domain names, then started developing and now you have a passive income through affiliate marketing
3) You started with domain names, then got into NFT domain names (.eth) and now you are killing it there
4) You started with domain names, then got interested in lead generation through domain traffic, and killing it there
5) Started with domain name flipping, turned broker and now killing it there

What has been working for you? Has domaining transformed the way you see business? Did you pivot (maybe alongside domaining only) and killing it or learning something?


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Started with domaining, "switched" to development (it was profitable, but after 3 years of preparation), back to domaining, doing it as a hobby. In today's world probably first I would learn enough about foundations of cryptos just to make sure I know what I'm doing, and play with cryptos. Many people lost money in cryptos not because their crypto collapsed, but because sites where they trade cryptos vanished, together with their owners. A "smart" trader wouldn't be scammed this way.

I don't understand NFTs at all. I can find beautiful fantastic images on internet, and try to sell them as NFT. Who will prevent me from doing it, and more importantly, which idiot would bother buying them.

I suspect, this NFT thing is something like pokemon. There are no pokemons. Smartphones can be watched
in real time by bigbro, and those cameras, microphones are not installed for enduser use only, and while people try to find pokemons in exotic places like caves, they give lots of info to their puppetmasters.
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I started creating domains, buying domains (had/have interest in a variety of extensions) ... then moved on to web site creation by creating blogs.. then small satellite niche websites.. then started online businesses in the particular niche. And this is where I am at now.. Many domains are in my niche field, but not all... was and still am interested fundamentally in domains. They started my online presence journey.
I started my first blog in 2012, same year I cofounded my first software company. I still own some of my original blogging domains. I didn't start buying many new ones until 2018 and started diving more deeply into domaining. Portfolio is about 100 now but planning to pare that back down to 50 with about half committed to various business interests. For me domaining is more of a supplemental income than a main source.
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