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DiamondDistrict.com - On sale today only for $15K

The Diamond District - located on West 47th Street between Fifth and the Avenue of the Americas ( Sixth Avenue ) in midtown Manhattan - is the world’s largest shopping district for all sizes and shapes of diamonds and fine jewelry at tremendous prices and value. When you shop for diamonds and fine jewelry, this is the first and only place to shop- New York ‘s Diamond District.

The United States is the world’s largest consumer market for diamonds. Over 90 percent of the diamonds that enter this country go through New York City and most of them go through the Diamond District. More than 2,600 independent businesses are located in the Diamond District, and nearly all of them are related to diamonds or fine jewelry.

Great domain to open your own online jewelry store and earn high-ticket commissions or sell directory listings to the 2,600 stores within this prestigious area.

Estibot value is $26,000.
27,000 monthly broad searches at $2.37/click

Registered 20+ years!
- Moniker
Renewal Price - $12.56
Renewal Date - 11/19/22
Payment Options - Escrow Preferred - split fees.

Price is fair and firm! Post sold in thread to claim.
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