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Food delivery company Deliveroo is taking legal action against a UK cannabis dealer called “Dispenseroo” – because it wants to own the name itself.

,,,,, ispenseroo put up hundreds of unauthorised adverts for weed on London’s tube trains mimicking Delieveroo’s name and logo, and persuaded Instagram influencers to promote the brand. In October the outfit, which started selling weed in August, publicised its website on digital billboards in a shopping mall in Wembley, north-west London.

But this week Dispenseroo has been told it may have to hand over its domain name to Deliveroo because the food giant says it is infringing its trademark.

A Deliveroo spokesperson confirmed the firm had filed a complaint to request the transfer of the “Dispenseroo” domain names to Deliveroo, and to stop them using their brand name in order to protect its trademarks and brand.

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"In September, VICE World News revealed an illegal cannabis dealing business calling itself Dispenseroo was making up to £50,000 a week selling illicit bags of cannabis, edibles and vapes via the post."

We're in the wrong business...


A Kangaroo would have more claim.
They probably want to get in on the weed business themselves... Thier business model is "give the people as much unhealthy crap as possible".

I actually have my own brand of dislike for this company... They clog up everywhere with their drivers, parking badly, being rude to staff. The govt don't give a monkeys though, just like everything else.

They're letting vaping rip through the schools without a care, so why would they care about x% of the country living off fast food and wasting their money?.....

However if you're going to use a confusingly similar name and branding as an existing brand, you're asking for what comes your way.
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