Decrease in GoDaddy expired domains

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  1. CrocodileDundee

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    Anyone notice a decrease in the amount of expired domains at GoDaddy the past few days? Seems like a big drop compared to the numbers that were expiring earlier.
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  2. sbweb

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    Yes, not only a decrease in number, but also a decrease in quality. I used to see good ones with high traffic volume. Now they are all, low volume and crappy.

    Something's fishy.
  3. urlurl

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    yup i noticed too...

    anyone from GD here who can chyme in?!
  4. kam

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    I believed every website owners nowaday knew about the value of domain traffic.
    99% of website owners will knew about google adsense and at least 90% of them knew about domain parking.
    There are no reasons for them to drop domains with traffic and let the registrar make a profit from them.
    In this case, the domain drop will narrow down to the reason of domain owner forgot to renew or the owner accidentally died. However, domain owner will have a better contingency plan from time to time to avoid such accidents from happening.

    IMO, expired domain auction will eventually become a history when registrar unable to grab some high quality expired domains.
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  5. kostaki

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    I think (not confirmed) it was a bug and it is fixed now. Here are the debug stats I record for newly added domains per day for godaddy expired:

    godaddyexpired 2018-08-17 182014
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-16 33692
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-15 11208
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-14 11930
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-13 10432
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-12 10038
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-11 51876
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-10 39356
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-09 44008
    godaddyexpired 2018-08-08 42878

    You can see the amount dipped at the 12. and started to normalize at the 16. Today all the missing domains are available.

    For the godaddy traffic list you can see it even better:

    godaddytraffic 2018-08-17 117932
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-16 4154
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-15 36
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-14 36
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-13 22
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-12 38
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-11 21840
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-10 11993
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-09 20367
    godaddytraffic 2018-08-08 18109

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