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    Why would people do this, I can understand for brand protection why a company has names that they point at a dead DNS but why investors? was taken offline a long time ago and had a lot of domainers that pointed their domains to it and I was one of them, but when it was taken offline, I changed the DNS to something else. My question is why are there still so many that after all these years still have not changed the DNS and kept the domain name renewed? Of the 5000 names I checked, 34.64% were still pointed to the dns. 27% were expired. That may be a little high with a few 100 of them being .ca and I think it was classifying them as available.

    So out of 5000 names, only 2000 of them were moved to some other service. These were supposedly people who were registering these names for profit.

    In my research I found another name that is connected to Alibaba, it has 605,663 domains pointed to it, but no DNS set up on it. I understand sometimes they have names in the corporate world for brand protection that they don't use for traffic, which I view as dumb, I mean if you pay for the domain name, forward it to the home page or to a sub page, but that's their strategy.

    For regular people hoping to make money in parking, however, this is amazing that they would continue to renew a domain name that they have no way to make money from since it is not pointing to anything.
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    A guess. These domains are set to auto renew.
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    even if its not on auto-renew, some domainers doesn't make money from parking or make very little due the nature of those domains, thus they can tend to forget/ignore to forward them to their main website
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    It could be because parking revenue died around the same time, so people didn't bother moving them. There are many business owners and startup entrepreneurs that never want to actively sell their domains, but may have been parking them for the free revenue. Around this time, I was making over $1,000 per month in parking on 2,000+ domains at the time, and it quickly dropped to $250 per month within a matter of months. So for someone who had 200 domains, they may have seen it drop to $25 per month or something nominal, and maybe it didn't make sense to waste the time moving them.

    Also, there may be several hundred or even thousands that were purchased over the years and the new owner never did anything with the domain. It would probably be much more if I checked all my past sales, but just from what I've looked up over the years, I can think of at least 20 domains that I've sold where the new owner left the domain pointed to voodoo, or my landing page for 5 or even 10+ years.
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    There's a very simple explanation.

    Have money, and you know domains well enough?

    Buy a ton of .coms.

    Set them on auto-renew. Absolutely ignore them for 5 years (or whatever the magic number is).

    Sell them and profit.

    Simply letting them to age would be the best way to maximize the profit - if you don't need money for living all this time.

    I'm looking at BuyDomains as an example, all those in stock are not bought today, but many years ago.

    Simplest business there is.

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