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  1. legendarynames

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    While I don't have statistics regarding the use of PPC landings, for my high traffic names I've always used such pages with an inquiry banner at the top. I have used all PPC systems out there and IMO Bodis is the best experience.

    Now if your names only make a few cents from PPC, don't trouble yourself going that route...
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  2. barybadrinath

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    Dan. They are the best in every sense.
  3. dande


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    None. Both doesn't make sense to me. I prefer selling at registrar's (Epik, Uniregistry, Godaddy) marketplaces. At worst, I sell at Sedo.
  4. Robin A.

    Robin A. Established Member

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    Efty for me. Importing domains, inquiries, adding logos, etc. - everything is just so easy. But I also list my domains on GD, Afternic, Sedo to get more exposure.
  5. namemarket

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    Thank you so much for that valuable feedback. After reading it I fully realized (after only thinking about the issue before) by not sending most all of my traffic to ppc (which was going to landing pages) I was basically wasting the traffic to landing pages first to earn no possible ppc revenue, all for the not too likely better chance of a sale. Now instead it goes direct to good PPC pages

    As you pointed out the inquiry banner on top of the ppc page should still bring inquiries and not necessarily detract that much if at all from sales especially if the inquiry banner catches the attention of visitors and the ppc inquiry banner forwards to a very nice for-sale page (which they in fact do).

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  6. LLLL_Domains

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    I think between Efty and Dan (undeveloped) I'd go with Dan definitely, mainly because it's fast.
  7. biggie

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    there is no comparison, because….

    one is free to use
    one you have to pay to use

  8. tomcarl

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    They both have their pros/cons. Depends on the type of names.

    Personally, I prefer someone else handling the collection of payment/transferring of domain. Therefore it's easier to use DAN for that purpose, they're great for that. A lot less time, involvement and attention I have to put into the closing of the sale....less likely for things to fall through, and can leave my mood out of things :)

    Now if I'm selling a great name, a name with obvious value that I know the right buyer is going to want it sooner or later at high 4 figs - 5 figures, I'd go for dealing direct, where there's no commission, I can gather their info, and they're going to be serious so it's less likely the sale will fall through after negotiations, I'd opt for efty with these names. I want to see that contact info/I want to pay less commission with these.

    Serious names = serious buyers, usually more experience buyers, more patience for process/communication.

    Less serious names (Under 5K) = flaky buyers, usually less experienced with domains, leave it to pros/automated system to keep everything running/closing smoothly.

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  10. karmaco

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    Been using Efty for 2 years and am probably going to go 100% Dan shortly.

    There are too many things that don’t work for me with Efty at this point. It is good for record keeping but not great.

    Tons of spam fake offers from “verified” leads
    Insistence on using Escrow or PayPal for 2 lower tier plans (limited unsavory payment options)
    Sold names count against your portfolio number count
    Names I sold the last year I imported lead to Dan so might as well be there
    App is glitchy at times
    No substantive upgrades in a long time
    Sales and stats are in one big bucket you can’t look back to last year versus this year etc
    System requires you prove ownership when some idiot forgets to clear his portfolio( Dan has this issue too)
    Only way to get secured individual landers is Efty market
    I don’t do a store front so that’s a feature some may love but I have no use for

    I see a lot of people praising the client info aspect of Efty. Sure you get the info they put in which is 50 percent or more a fake name and throw away addy. I have had several sales there where later at Escrow/PP I saw their real name.
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  11. Kingslayer

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    Never used Efty, but joined Dan a couple of weeks ago.

    Got my first offer last week, i like the whole negotiation process of Dan and how you can exchange messages back and forth instantly without waiting for messages to be approved.
  12. MasterOfMyDomains

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    I am with @karmaco on this one. @dande hit nail on head too.
    Been using efty for 3 years. They make nice for sale landing pages, domain management is good.
    I have made sales through efty lander, payment paypal.
    However i noticed recently more inquiries coming via sedo/dan and these are .ca
    Really liked how i could add image to efty, and if i put link on face or linkedin the thumbnail would display image.
    However images are poor on mobile. I hope to get all data saved and switch my ns to epik or sedo has nice for sale page now. Last sale .ca was sedo 2 weeks ago.
    Efty has some great pro's but i would take dan, secure landers.
    Maybe people dont like/visit unsecure pages, with anti virus pop up blockers i dunno.
    Dan over efty any day.

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