Czechs say no to IDN domains again

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    CZ.NIC, the Registry for the .CZ country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), recently published the results of a survey that indicate that Czechs have once again rejected the possibility of registering Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) under .CZ.

    According to the published survey results, 88% of corporate respondents and 64% of ordinary Internet users were either strongly opposed, or would rather that IDNs under .CZ not be introduced. The survey was undertaken during the autumn of 2019 and 1,015 representatives of organisations and 1,206 individual Internet users took part.

    The above figures represent a 2% increase in resistance to IDNs among corporate respondents and a 9% increase among ordinary Internet users when compared to the last survey in 2016. Moreover, this is the seventh time that CZ.NIC has undertaken a survey concerning the introduction of IDNs under .CZ and the seventh time that those surveyed have expressed their opposition to their introduction.

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