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Developer help needed.

I'm looking to host domains (different tld's) at custom DNS servers using Branded Nameservers.

I would like 100's of domains to resolve to a default site/landing page I have setup. Without having to add each domain as an alias. Also without having to point the A records to the IP Address.

Would just like any domain pointed at my DNS to resolve to a default site.

1. I would have to have nameservers routed to a central webserver(s)

2. Use listening rules in those webservers to redirect based on the requested hostname.

3. Using Apache to achieve this.

Same we would do when pointing our names to BrandBucket, Dan or Brandpa and it resolves and redirects to the landing page automatically.

Budget $150


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I don't know if the webserver has control panel. If it's linux and controlled via terminal, then you can setup vanity nameservers with bind. You can have apache to host a default page for multiple domains. Redirection is not needed for it, unless domain A will be redirected to domain B.
Pointing to X can not resolve to Y. However displaying landing page of X with vanity nameservers, without using nameservers of X, is possible and usually easy.

The most confusing part is "Without having to add each domain as an alias. Also without having to point the A records to the IP Address."

Do you mean DNS records have to added automatically, not manually?
NameContainer can help you,we provide build DNS service and Domain Parking Script.

If you already have your own landing page, you just need Build DNS Server service.


Service: Build DNS Server

We will build a professional DNS server for you, and you only need to modify the DNS of your other domain names to your own DNS (Such as domain-for-sale.yourdomain.com phone-xxxxx.yourdomain.com)
No other redundant operations are required, accessing these domains will automatically open your landing page.

How to start: http://www.namecontainer.com/dns/


Domain Parking Script

With this script, you can manage the landing pages of all your domain names as you like, Such as:
1. Some domains can make offer, and some not
2. Some domain's landing page is coming soon ( For trademark related domains, this will be very useful )
3. Redirect some domains to the buy now page of Godaddy, Sedo, Dan, Namecheap...
4. Some domains Implicit Forward to other website
You can design some templates by yourself to implement some other functions you need.

Click the below link to get more information:


NameContainer Website: http://www.namecontainer.com/
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