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Hello, this website has some age and history as a crypto buyer's club startup company (2017 registered at GoDaddy). There are a handful of customers who have not requested a withdrawal yet of their crypto funds (of which they do not add up to very much value presently) as they only invested for a few months.


The website is a beautifully designed proof of concept with a membership dashboard that shows their funds and different crypto coins.

Screenshot 2022-10-24 113907.png

The target audience is people who don't know a lot about crypto and have you help them diversify a portfolio or different coins to grow.

I originally had investors ready to commit 5 figures per month to get this startup company going and do legal due diligence, however, the market took a hard hit as it was getting ready to do that so it was put on hold and I moved in a different direction.

The domain name itself CryptoSubscription.com is a great brand name that was purchased in earlier crypto days (2017) before the domain rush for crypto names.

This sale would include the domain name, logo design, complete website and all rights to the startup as well as social media handles.

Asking $4500 OBO. Please feel free to reply or DM me with any questions.

Domain Registrar: GoDaddy
Domain Expiry: 9/16/2023
Revenue: $0 presently as business is on hold
Payment Options: Escrow
Traffic: 64 visitors in 3 months (no marketing)

Screenshot 2022-10-25 134517.png
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