Creating a Brand for domain portfolio, works or waste of time?

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    I am building a portfolio site and creating a personalised mail "sales (@) mydomainbrand dot com" for my domain portfolio and make it possible to make offer on the site just for better professional outlook. All domains are pointed to Dan (undeveloped) and carry this brand name but I am not sure if this move is right for a few reasons

    1. I will be sending outbound mails with this brand mail, I think the general public doesn't know this as a business really. Do you think this will be sort of "Give me your money for a domain" that may be a turn off for prospective end users or they will embrace the brand better than some random somebody who sends them an email.

    2. Do buyers become more open to deal with a brand or get turned off?

    Has anyone tried doing this? What was the experience of mailing as a brand instead of a personality?
    Is using a mail such as "[email protected] dot com" a good one or using "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" more appropriate? Nobody likes to being sold and sales scream "I am here to take your money".

    Is this a good move or waste of time?
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    High-value buyers are businesses, and they appreciate dealing with an established business.

    You got your answer.

    People also prefer goods from reputable and well-named brands.
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    If someone is looking for a personal trainer to assist them with their workout routine, they are going to want someone who seems to know what they are doing. The fitness level of that prospective trainer will influence the decision to utilize that trainer or not.

    In the case of domain names, an investor can just list individual domains in a few marketplaces, maybe at one marketplaxe with a BIN price and at another with a make offer price - no need for a portfolio site per se for a small portfolio. Someone who has hundreds of domains and considers domain buying and selling a business may want a portfolio site. If you are in the business of selling aftermarket domains with the selling point that a domain name can help promote a business's products and services, why would you just register some random $10 domain rather than attempting to acquire a suitable domain? Well if you do not believe a short, memorable domain will make any difference, then why should potential customers think any different? Would you pay $75/hour for an obese personal trainer?
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    Thnks For The Thread, Having A Brand Helps In Long Run, Though Initially It May Not Make A Perceptible Fifference

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