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.COM Promo - $6.99 first year registrations. Even cheaper if you register multiple domains

.com domain registrations are now only $6.99 until end of the year! Regular price is $8.99.

Details and conditions:
  • This promotion only includes first-year registration of new domains
  • There are no limits on the number of registrations
  • No coupon is required
  • If you are in the Discount Program, you can save even more
  • Bulk discounts of 50+ and 100+ registrations in one order save even more
  • WHOIS privacy, domain parking, domain defender + more are entirely free
Register your .COM domains here:

Hope you enjoy!
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Happy last day of the year everyone. Just a reminder that today will be the last day for our current .com promo. We've gotten a look of great feedback on this promotion so looking to bring it back asap in the new year. Until then, make sure to register your .com domains at the current discounted price.

Happy New Year from all of us at NameSilo!
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