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Like in the title i need some cool brandable in educational niche.

Must be a COM domain name fitted for the educational niche.
So if you have to explain me why it is cool for educational purpose it is not what i'm looking for.

Budget is: $1k up to 10k USD each

Max Max 11 characters

some good examples: Studently(.)com Tutorify(.)com

only offer via PM
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budget per name?

Will you be willing to pay $xxxx for a single great name?
budget per name?

Will you be willing to pay $xxxx for a single great name?
if it's cool why not..
I will spend the next couple of weeks evaluating lists. i can end buying just two for 5k each..
if you don't see a fast reply from me, don't worry guys.. is just coz i'm receiving tons of lists :)


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Just sent 2 real good domains with my pricing please have a look and let me know.
PM sent with three short com brandables in the edu niche.
thanks for all the peeps that have submit the names.
Some cool are arrived.
Please stay in topic with the mentioned request. Also if you think that your brandable is really cool but is over 11 characters, please don't submit it.

if you also have to explain why is an educational brandable, is not a good brandable for this thread :)

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