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  1. Sufyan Alani

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    Hello everyone,

    ALL NEW .CO registrations are now discounted to $0.99 for a very limited period at

    Promo price started NOW, and wont last for long time. Go ahead and register as much .CO domains as you need!

    All domains registered at Epik include:

    - Free WHOIS privacy
    - Free SSL parking landers
    - Free forwarding
    - Free basic Wordpress site
    - Free listing in Epik marketplace for selling/leasing

    Starting searching for your names here:
    OR, in BULK here:

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    PS: Premium names are not included in this promo.
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  2. NewDayBrand

    NewDayBrand Restricted (Market)

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    Cool bro
    New registrations means it doesn't work for expired domains ? I tried some, even 2 words and it was for $118
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2020
  3. Domainstore

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    in september 2018 the co-regstry have changed a policy.
    It is so that the new policy is as follows : the registry charges from then on mostly 1.250 USD or 1.500 USD (mostly) and (for a certain amount (this is only for some : not enormously much ones) of LLL .CO's 3.500 USD or more for SOME special LLL.CO's (not all though) LLL-domains that drop AND BECOME AVAILALBLE to REGISTER. HOWEVER FOR THESE DOMAINS renew (or transfer to someone who buys the domain from somebody) is ONLY the NORMAL COST, so the normal renewalprice for (which is between 20 USD/year-35 USD depending from registrar to registrar).
    Some LLL.CO's drop and are reregisterrable at normal pricing, but that nearly never happens, because they're sold in Aftermarketuactions, or backorderred.

    It is so that lots of people AS CONSEQUENCE of that new policy, and also because of high DEMAND for LLL.CO's if the corresponding LLL.COM is occupied or people ask 50.000- 500.000 for the LLL.COM, DON'T let their drop, but renew them at normal pricing. (letting them drop gives the risk that once the domain comes available again, immediately costs 1.250 USD - 3.500 USD registryfee for the 1st year new year, so people who have LLL.CO's don't drop them easily for the moment.
    Another thing changed also at 1 september 2018 with the LLLL-domains that drop : The price in case of drop for such a domain; changes to around 125 USD (instead of low pricing), but renewal afterwards costs normal renewalprice.(20-35 USD)
    And some very good domains 1 or more words, cost more also, once they drop. (so more then pormotionpice or normal registrarfee). But always the renewalprice afterwards is between 20-35 USD (and not the higher price you payed in the beginning when they dropped).

    For 5L-domains registrations is as you see at registrars or a promotionprice; renewal is again between 20-35 USD depending from registrar to registrar.
  4. Sufyan Alani

    Sufyan Alani Established Member Staff

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    Those are probably Premium Names.
  5. sharfab

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    Last edited: Jul 6, 2020 at 5:48 PM
  6. Brian L.

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    I'm seeing the same thing on multiple registrars. It appears that virtually all dropped .co domains become premium registry names now.
  7. Nitaky

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    dear Sufyan any coupon code for .com registration?

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