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    Bump bump .. lol

    I'm guessing this is dead in the water at least for the medium/long term .. so any chance of please simply changing the following title:

    Domains You Won at Auction or Closeout (in your account)
    Domains You Won at Auction or Closeout
    (yes .. all I'm asking now is to simply delete the "(in your account)" part as it is now no longer relevant.

    Again .. the reason I put it there in the first place was because I created the thread prior to GoDaddy changing their allowed renewal policy from 42 days down to 30 days (last December) .. so that now there are 95% less domains that are clawed back after being won at auction.

    Hey again @JB Lions .. sorry .. somehow missed this.

    I don't really dropcatch myself .. so I wouldn't be the best to define .. but this is what was thinking.

    Handreg = Been available for a while (if you need a technical definition of a while then over a week/month) .. the real meaning for me is that you didn't look at a past expiration / drop list to get the name.

    Drop/Catch = Hand reg or drop service pricing .. but you found the name because of a past expiring/drop list or service.

    Closeout/auction = No need to explain this one to you ... lol. Although I guess there is the potential double category for "drop auctions" .. which I didn't mention above, but I think would be better suited in the auctions category. but I supposed if you or everyone else feel strong otherwise, either category is fine as long as it's properly defined. I'm not really an expert in that area, so I'll admit to not being the ideal person to ask. Theoretically it's could even be a different category, but not big enough to be worth adding a 5th cat .. particularly since it can be cleanly folded into auctions.

    BIN/Negotiated = Basically when you buy a domain from another domainer or on a platform. Essetially anything that isn't expiring or on auction or closeout (I consider closeouts to be a part of the auction cycle).
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    We will continue to consider the other suggestions.

    Thanks for suggesting them.

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