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The story is...

You’ve decided it’s time you grow up.

No longer will you hand reg or grab names just because they seem “cool”.

You’ve realised that buying a domain needs effort, time and responsibility. And research is essential before you keep shopping.

BUT......A real big but is....

You you’re stuck with a crap-load of ok (some not bad) average domains. And getting a few buck for any of them would help with your next real investment opportunity.


What would be the MOST effective way to flip a couple hundred domains. Even getting $10-$20 a pop would be great. Especially for those you’d hate to expire for nudda.

The time has come to get serious.
And get smarter about your domain addiction.

How to you run a clearance “garage” sale to get whatever you can (as quick as you can) - to put towards your next serious investment opportunity?

Eagerly waiting your suggestions..


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NameLiquidate by Epik is the latest in a limited string of liquidation options. I put a few names there recently and sold them for a pittance.

Namejet is still an option, though I haven't used it in months and I hear they're getting slow on payments and domain deliveries.

Other than that, and auctioning them off one by one here or throwning a bunch in a bargain bin, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

The golden option, something with the reach of GoDaddy auctions that is open for you to submit names, doesn't exist yet. GoDaddy likely has zero interest in opening their auctions up (they make too much money). Flippa no reserve is still an option but time consuming and probably a waste.

Even at higher tier domains, liquidation options are still lacking in this industry.
There is no real easy way.

Sometimes it is easier to just drop domains than bother trying to sell some for $10-$20.
You will sell a few, but it is barely worth the effort.

I guess with something like NameLiquidate there is really nothing to lose but your time.
Though I highly doubt they have much of a buyer pool there.

Another option is just to stick them all on NamePros with a $25 BIN each and whatever sells, sells.

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Well, you might want to create a timeline (deadlines) for yourself. For example, you could spend a week with low bin set...maybe $10-$15 each. Then, what ever is left, you can conduct a $0 start, individual auction. Then lastly, whatever is left, conduct a $0 start bulk auction. That should get rid of them.

If you have a couple hundred, even $1 each would be $200. Definitely worth it. Plus, you get to learn along the way.

Don't hang on to domains that you have learned are not at all valuable.


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Don't liquidate your domains in haste. Most people own duds that will never sell.

But you need to think carefully about which ones to renew and which ones to just throw away.

Case in point: one of my domains has very little hits when you Google it. Few years back, I was 2 seconds away from not renewing it but thought, hey only $9 dollars, let's hit it from behind for another year.

I KID YOU NOT: one week later, got an email from the CEO herself of a big, big company. A leader in their industry. Let's just say it's one of my Aces In The Hole.

Life is a combination of luck and skill and hard work.

Get it boy!
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