CIRA .CA Domain Registry Pirate Site Blocking Order

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    CIRA filed a request to intervene in TekSavvy Solutions v. Bell Media Inc. et al. at the Federal Court of Appeal.

    CIRA is directly affected by and genuinely interested in this appeal because site-blocking impacts CIRA's ability to steward the .CA domain, and provide high quality registry, DNS and cybersecurity services. CIRA will, therefore, draw on its knowledge, skills, and resources as an actively engaged supplier of the internet community to provide further, different, and valuable submissions.

    You can see CIRA full filing here: PDF


    Federal Court ordered several ISPs, including TekSavvy, to block access to GoldTV streaming service.
    read more (cbc ca)
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    Wow, what a dangerous precedent going forward, and all because big corporations like Bell and Rogers effectively run the country. There are already procedures in place to handle things like this properly, through law enforcement and site takeovers, but why do all that work when you can just call you hip-pocket judges and do it that way?

    Knowing these two, this is just the tip of the iceberg and I welcome our imminent Chinese rulers. .
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    And probably decisions from China and Cuba too.

    Unbelievable that a Federal judge would actually use foreign precedent in determining a Canadian court case. This is batsh*t-level crazy, especially if you extrapolate "following foreign laws and precedents" in other cases, like criminal ones, where the processes, remedies and punishments are totally different.

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