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I want an appraisal for these names, because they are my first and only .me names. Some info for them:
Both are popular Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
chlamydia: 460,000 ams
syphilis: 307,500 ams

Thank you.
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Anyone for help? .me is totally new extension for me. I help in appraisals too, but now i want your hand. :)
Hi Kite,

Two very difficult domains to valuate, I'd suggest looking for an end user who is a specialist practitioner in either field. Alternatively you could set up a closed group site and fill it full of literature on the problems, then sell advertising to the companies who provided medics for these diseases.

I hope you didn't pay too much, but either way its going to cost you some time to develop or find the right buyer, IMO, low $xx if its just domains and mid $xxx if you develop them into some an end user could potential expand on.
Thank you @Michael Carter I would like to have some more opinions, if it's possible. Thank you again.
I like .ME extension, but particularly in cases of sexually transmitted diseases, I do not feel that connection of those diseases with .ME is really lucky choice of domain names. What I mean is that valuable .ME domains are usually connected with something positive, like :

Domain Price Date Venue
meet.me 450,000 USD 2011-11-23 Private
buy.me 148,350 USD 2012-10-10 Sedo
interest.me 80,000 USD 2012-05-30 Sedo
date.me 70,000 USD 2008-11-11 T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
business.me 54,800 USD 2011-09-28 Sedo
app.me 50,000 USD 2012-03-31 GoDaddy
join.me 45,000 USD 2010-05-26 Sedo
sponsor.me 34,000 USD 2011-10-05 Sedo
love.me 32,000 USD 2011-03-09 SnapNames
girl.me 30,000 USD 2013-06-10 Sedo

Saying above, that does not mean that those 2 domains does not have any value, but it might be quite difficult to resale them. They would go much better with .INFO extension, even with .SITE extension imo. So at the moment my appraisal would be low - mid XXX for them.
I think even names like that in .com are hard to sell. of course they have value, but the end users are very specific. It is only a specific topic of the medical sector, so I doubt if a lot of people would put in offers.

With these names, I see .com and .org only, so to me, the .me doesnt work. Sorry
I think these domains suck, but it's better to have these crappy domains than these diseases.
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