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Not long ago, WeChat Moments were occupied by a Chinese domainer’s remarks and other domainer-Zhuang Liangji's comments. The post is about his main idea about .com/.cn names and other domains. Here are the main points:

1. Money should be spent on the domains which have applied value and world-recognized collection value. These domain names have natural appreciation in long-term and there is no need to hype them.

2. Domain investment requires rich experience to discover values in numbers, commonly used word and corresponding abbreviations of domains and trademark, rather than following the trend blindly. Risk awareness is especially needed in domain name Investment.

3. There are 3,368,400 consonant domains, 11,111,100 names, plus corresponding .cn domains, excluding triple Pinyin and a large number of English and combination words names, already close to 3 billion names. According to statistics, there are only 7 million domestic end-users. Nowadays, there are more than 30 billion names even if we calculate them roughly, if other gTLDs also have so many registered names like .com and .cn, which means one person will have 5 websites. Whom will we sold these domains be sold to?

4. The more new gTLDs , the more prominent .com and .cn names are. Stop registering new tlds in bulk and study hard on studying how to sell your domains to end-users.

This speech immediately attracted a lot of attention and debates. In the end, Zhuang Liangji said, "I know I may be scolded, I wouldn’t give up my opinion".

In last November, owner John Xu’s postarouses domainers’ heated debates and this time Zhuang’s remarks also sparked heated discussion.

Investors who approval the view believe that the remarks is calling people to invest rationally. On the other hand, people holding different views of the investment think that investment should be freely. It is not the time one could affect the market only by speaking. Here are some quotes from some investors.

Investor Huang Zhenxuan
: It will take so much time to complete registering thousands of non mainstream gTLDs! As a veteran domainer, I just don't want new comers to pay too much tuition fees since we have paid too much.

Investor Zou Yangbing: "high return, high risk”. Before investing, think about that who is the ultimate buyer? Control risks and benefits.

It is an inevitable problem even for mainstream gTLDs that now the prefix of mainstream domain name become longer and longer, and almost all of them are bulk registration. Discussions about these domains have never stopped and the value of these domain names could not only judged by the amount of end-users.

Domain name market is developing rapidly and each domainer's investment approach is different. No matter what kind of domains you invest, you must equip yourself with investment risk assessment capabilities. Following the trend blindly is not desirable in any investment.


Declaration: this is an informative article that do not represent official investing advice, with no intend in misleading readers.Please be open-minded and objective. Welcome varied discussion below.Thanks!
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Cynthia-this is an excellent post. The .cn names we own and go to what is being said here as to "don't spend to much paying your tuition" I think you have to be very careful not to spend too much on names that have no future value or potential end user in sight as stated in the article. And of course go through when they sell!
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