China to block individual access to VPNs - The Great Firewall

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    I wonder how the new restrictions being imposed will affect domaining and crypto in China:

    It would be great to get some feedback from any members currently living in China...

    I Just read these articles last night,it looks like it's going to get harder for the average person in China to access sites like facebook and google:
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    I'm no expert but wouldn't that block all forms of digital money laundering ?

    With VPN Chinese could buy and sell crypto and domains with relative anonymity.

    But the Chinese gov has just as many hacker types on payroll as the USA. Not really sure how effective vpns were in the first place?
  3. Kate

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    This is the reason why I am not too worried about China overtaking the West economically.
    They already have huge social and environment problems.
    There are so many restrictions hindering creativity.
    The level of surveillance and social control is very high (unless you live in the country side).
    Remember, China is still nominally communist.
    Operating a business is hard when you have to cope with countless regulations and you cannot even search freely for information. Businesses need VPNs just to interact with clients and suppliers abroad and connect with the rest of the world.
    When the government constantly interferes with your day to day operations, your competitiveness suffers.
    It's hard to have a strong degree of economic development with zero freedom.
  4. Mahouni

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    This happens every year they "clamp down" on VPNs. But actually many dont know that bigger businesses and those who have "guanxi" (connections) have access to dedicated lines with no restrictions or vpns built into them from the government telecom companies. The other well of have or are cycling vpns which is pain in the ass but works "ok". The tech wise are on shadow socks.

    Look it's a complex country with complex traditions.

    And to say it's easier to operate a business in west is a half truth. If you operate a small business in Guangdong the things you can do with small money and the dynamism at the marketplaces are amazing, no place like that in US or Europe for sure.

    Although I've heard the that they significantly started turning inward during Uncle Xi
  5. Avtar629

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    Chinese go mostly to bbs sites in China to chat , post, and shop. It's so 1980's lol

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