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There really hasn't been much (If any) discussion in the niche of chemical compound dictionary words on namePros, so I decided to start a niche topic about them.

Today I evaluated a chemical compound dictionary word, which is what motivated this discussion, to see if anyone else is investing into this niche. It looks interesting so far.

Asset Type:
Brandable / Chemical Compound / Dictionary-Word / Unicorn
Note: That's interesting. Color and Oxidation stands out in the definition, which might help with a brand direction. The downside is that oxidation has negative psychological impact. Nobody likes it when their stuff oxidizes. This might be a tough spin outside the scientific realm.
Note: That's some interesting chemical compound sales data. There's more too. It gives an idea.
After reviewing other chemical compounds developments, it became clear that the more valuable assets with higher sales data were able to develop into chemical compound products, whereas other compounds were not readily available on the consumer market.
Note: The chemical company or plant that manufactures and distributes the hermantin chemical compound in bulk is your proverbial unicorn end-user. I'll add a unicorn category below that explains more.

While the business model makes sense and the brand fits nicely, the one with the capital to pull off that production is a needle in a hay stack if you don't have the right connections in that industry.

Maybe partner up if you like that direction, with someone immersed in that industry. They would be your best bet for insider leads and even word of mouth exposure to the asset/idea.
I think your asset has some great potential since it's not isolated to a single product line and can scale into chemical surplus, herbal supplements, or jewelry (Depending on the end user).

Personally, I feel your asset has some hidden liquidity that most people will overlook. There is some clear interest in chemical compound domains with product options and yours is one of them.

The hard part is identifying the potential end-user, gathering more research on their specific niche, formulating a presentation, negotiating, and closing.

Even though your asset has hidden liquidity, you will still have to do a lot of leg-work to find the right buyer and apply the hard parts I also mentioned above, which in most cases, investors fail at.
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  • Do you own any chemical compound dictionary words?
  • Ever sold one?
  • How do the interest levels look that you've noticed?
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