Chat room restriction?

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    Probably mods don't happy with my recent popular thread...

    1) break auction (min increment not required)

    2) edited my post. it wa not off topic
    Your post in the thread Sold Dragon.TV for $15000 was edited. Reason: Off-topic / Post has been edited / Thank you for understanding
    Today at 6:57 AM

    3) restricted chat for 1 messenge? wtf..
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    This community have some great members but mods makes this website useless. Do you think we need namepros alternative?
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    You’re right; this was a mistake. Auctions default to $1 bid increment when not specified, but the moderator may have wanted to confirm you were aware of that so the auction would run as you expected.

    We apologize. Their post has been deleted so you may continue your auction if you’d like.

    Your peers felt your post was off topic and reported it. A moderator agreed with them.

    Editing out the problematic part is often better than deleting the entire post.

    Prior to your restriction, you received 2 friendly reminders to follow the rules in chat.

    This was the 3rd time you had been reported by your peers for not following the rules in chat.

    That’s why you were restricted from chat.

    We hope that helps explain your concerns.

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