Changes you'd like to see on marketplaces in 2017.

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  1. iAchilles

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    Each marketplace has its own pros and cons and I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion about changes folks would like to see on their favourite marketplaces.

    I'll get the ball rolling...

    Uniregistry Lander:

    I've lost count of the number of times I have received inquiries on domains from people who confuse the lander with an actual website, it's mind boggling. I strongly feel their landing page could do with a revamp to make it a little more obvious that they are submitting their info on a domain inquiry.

    Setting names to PPC parking tends to filter much of this confusion but there's some names I just want to leave on straight up landers for various reasons.

    Here's one of my names and the number of inquiries it has received to date, 10% of them have been people interested in acquiring the name. I called up many of these leads and all were a little embarrassed they didn't realise their mistake, but perhaps the lander isn't clear enough as it's a mistake I repeatedly see.

    On the plus side, they're great for collecting leads.


    Sedo parking pages:

    They're butt ugly and completely outdated,I've noticed my adblock simply serves up a blank white page, disabling ads via parking settings remedies this problem. Why don't they have a simple option like with other parking companies to redirect straight to the for sale landing page?

    Sure, we can forward the names directly via our registrar panels but that's terribly time consuming for a large portfolio. Plus I'm not sure you'll get the 10% commission rate by doing so.

    Payment Plans.

    I notice undeveloped recently introduced this, kudos to them, I honestly feel this should be an industry standard with the way domain prices are going, particularly on higher value sales.
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    I want to become a full member.
  3. SpareDomains

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    Since all my domain parking accounts are collecting dust and I run my own sales landers I'll mainly comment on sales lander suggestions that my own pages currently have...


    1) Make it so you can set a minimum offer so when someone submits an offer below your minimum amount it informs them their offer doesn't meet the minimum bid so you don't get $3 bids.
    2) Make email verification an optional feature so bidders have to click a link to confirm the offer came from the owner of the email submitted.


    1) Make the lander have an offer box as getting an initial offer instead of just requesting a price quote can sometimes give ya a gauge if your dealing with a $10 buyer or a 10k buyer and it helps eliminate oh I didn't know I was submitting a request to buy this domain as I've gotten a ton of junk requests there as well in the past.


    1) Start an affiliate program. Why? Because if your gonna plaster Powered by: Efty on every page users should be earning from it considering it's not a free service. If not add a check box to remove that as personally I would never use Efty with that enabled unless it was a free service or 50% off for the free promotion my domain traffic would bring .


    1) Have someone actually approve pending domains. I shouldn't have to email every time to get things approved.
    2) Stop asking me to set floor/buyitnow pricing when you never send initial offers. If the buyer isn't ready to make an offer than let me know when they are and we'll talk then as I'm hella busy. Negotiations begin with an offer not by setting prices for tire kickers.

    Could probably ramble a ton more but I'm tired. :ROFL:
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  4. rahul page

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    More people in the industry
  5. DefinitelyDomains

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    I would like to see marketplaces carry regular cleaning to remove old listings. How many times have you tried to list a domain only to be told that it's already listed?
  6. VictorVictories

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    The introduction of new gTLDs in domain market also has to be considered or else it may happen that purchaser will miss an excellent opportunity to earn enough money.
  7. DiogoP

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    Well, I can not give my opinion once I am new on this industry and only have 3parked domains in SEDO.. but which marketplaces do you think has the easiest and friendly platform for a buyer?

    In my point of view, it should be easy for a buyer to buy a domain in minutes? Such has for the seller would be a quick sell without many problems and questions..

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  8. biggie

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    if people think it's an actual website......

    then that should be seen, as a "good thing".

    all websites don't have to look the same and in theory, any page on the internet could be considered a web site or part of one.

    having said that,

    are you directing traffic straight to the lander or are they visiting the parking page, then clicking the "This Domain Name may be for Sale/BIN" link/banner?

    i too have received similar inquires, asking if we provided the service (wedding related) for the ads on the parked pages.

    but in those instances, i just let them know the name was for sale and we didn't/don't provide such services.

    if anything i'd like to see, it would be more creative and/or better template selections to choose from.

  9. iAchilles

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    Those that have traffic/earn revenue are on PPC. I still get confused inquiries with PPC but it does reduce the volume.

    I've tested various landers and it's Uniregistry that causes the most confusion among visitors. I came up with my own solution to the problem. I set up auto responders with an edited request offer template for the more problematic domains. It does two things, requests an offer and makes it clear there's no services or products on offer.

    If they respond I get a mail about the inquiry, if they don't, I don't know about it until I log into Uniregistry, this saves me a bunch of time and less distractions. When it's a genuine offer it works well because the user gets an instant response while their interest level is at its peak. All responses I've received have had an offer attached.
  10. DiogoP

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    @iAchilles your strategy sounds good! Nice tip! (y)

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