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    Domain Name: CGU.ORG
    Renewal Date: 2022-05-09
    Registrar: GoDaddy
    Payments Accepted: PayPal or

    CGU.ORG is a LLL domain with an established .ORG extension. It consisted of premium letters C, G, U desired by the western world. It is highly brandable since it's a 3 letter domain.

    This domain CGU.ORG was previously sold back in 2008 for 4 figures. Just check on NameBio.

    The followings are some prices of more similar domain names sold:

    * This Domain: CGU.ORG sold for $1,095 in 2008
    * GTV.ORG sold for $3,000 in 2020
    * ISS.ORG sold for $3,433 in 2020
    * GMI.ORG sold for $3,238 in 2019
    * QCU.ORG sold for $4,450 in 2005

    If you are serious to acquire this top premium domain, send me a private message with your offer.

    Note: It is required for you to have a godaddy account to transfer domain upon completion of the sale.
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