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    Hello, my site is now in beta and I thought I'd come to the good people of NP first for some feedback.

    Our goal is to make internet browsing and destinations easier and faster for everyone.

    Your feedback and engagement of the site will help us learn to what extent (if at all), we have achieved this and whether we are heading in the right direction for mainstream adoption (or not).

    We ceec (pronounced 'seek'... where the site will be ultimately moved), to learn about any strengths and weaknesses based on where we are right now.

    For access to the site which is currently on gax (/com), please pm with following:

    - your preferred username and password
    - country of residence
    - an email address
    - linkedin page (optional)

    Thanks for your interest and reading this far. I look forward to meeting some of you.
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    Maybe no one answered because you ask a lot of personal details in order to see the website. Would be nice if you can share some screenshots though.

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