cctlds will compete in the World Cup starting June 14th

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    Next week on June 14th , the FIFA World Cup kicks off which would be a competition among the cctlds in the world. The defending champions .DE will be trying to repeat and will be challenged by .AR (Messi and company) , .ES , .FR , .BR (crowd favorites for their samba style) and maybe .PT (led by Christiano Ronaldo) We will miss .IT (usually passionate Italian team) that didn't make it this time and also .US (which missed qualifying for the first time in a while). I will also be looking to see if .UK does any better than usual, a lot of expectations, but they just don't deliver at the highest level.

    Personally will be rooting for .MX , our neighbors since .US is out and unfortunately .IN still has a long way to go to compete at the global level in Football (Soccer), they love their cricket though.

    Also looking for new stars and teams to emerge, there usually is.

    Watching the world cup is a great way to understand the unique cultures of different countries and their playing styles.

    cctlds have lot more interesting stories that don't get covered here and future growth in domains and pricing will most likely come from them - the large and emerging countries
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