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    NP I have been working on for a while now and I am starting to make it public. I need some testers that will try it out and give some general feedback.

    Essentially, has two major functions, you can create shortened URLs with multiple domains as well as you can create ccLink pages which you can customize and link all your social media together. After that you add the ccLink page link to your instagram or other social media platforms, so any user can easily follow you platform to platform.

    One of the greatest features of this is being able to customize the URL for pages and links (as long as they are not already taken), but have the ability to use other domains as well. I did not create this from scratch, but I did modify it and that's why I need some testers to make sure it functions correctly.

    One of the domains we use is 😢.to ... I have created a link for you guys to get the feel of https://😢.to/np which redirects to the namepros forum.

    I am in the process of adding more domains to the list from domains I have picked up in the past and would like to know the ones you guys would like to see added to the list:



    Let me know what you guys think.

    Also, you can create a free account and if someone wants to test more features I can give you a trial of them (just pm me).
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  2. andrewschnarr

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    As we are slowly picking up speed, we are offering a few members to have Professional Lifetime account.

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