Case Study, Chapter 1 - How to Montize GEO domain name to Rank & Rent website

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    Hey folks,

    A few months ago I felt like I need to change my Investment Strategy in Domain names, and find a solution to monetize my Quality domain names properly.
    I think that some of you share with me the same feelings, as domain names investing is not the most stable business, some months are good, some are bad.
    I know, I should play the long run game, but I wanted to test some ideas about monetizing domain names that I had and felt confident to them now after I learned so much about SEO in the last 5 years.

    I will try to show you how I developed some of my sites into Rank& Rent websites, in this strategy I develop websites in competitive but not (too competitive ) and start to rank them. After I get to the first page and calls are coming, I am offering the entire website for rent, it means that I put the number, email and any details of the renter and he gets the calls and leads.

    I will write few Case Studies about my developed websites, first will start with the GEO Niche!

    **The Design of the website will be changed soon**

    How can you know if you should rank your website?

    Basic steps( The process is much longer but you will be fine with that for starting)

    Check Competition:

    If the 1# place in the search results is Yelp, it indicates that it will be easy to rank.
    If the DA( Domain Authority of the 1# place in Google as 19 or less- You can beat him in a few months.
    Use UbberSuggest or KWfinder and look for the SEO difficulty of your keyword, if it less than 20, that's great!

    Check Metrics

    You need at least 100 searches for the Exact search and CPC( Cost Per Click) of at least 5$

    Future Renters

    At least 3 companies that pay and shown in google ads.

    My Case Study-

    Keyword- SummerlinCarpet Cleaning
    Search Volume- 170 for the keyword
    CPC- 17$
    SEO difficulty- 22
    Competitors- Yelp 1# page, after them a website with DA of 20, old one.
    First Article Published: 17 October
    Current Status- Client is renting the website for a monthly fee
    Google Place for the keyword: 4#-5#- In GMB Google My Business- 4#
    Yahoo rankings- 1#
    Bing Rankings 1#

    How did I do it?

    Here is My recipe:

    In-depth Keyword research
    Long home page with at least 800 words and tons of keywords and then Linking to them
    6 Service pages and more to come, like Summerlin Upholstery Cleaning
    I train someone to write a blog post, for a different keyword every time and published at least 10 till now.
    Photos with GEO tagged
    I had a domain with good DA before we started the process!
    Link-building safe campaign, NO PBN. just high-quality DA websites.
    Quora campaign
    Relevant Blog comments Camapign
    Social Signals and Facebook Page

    After a while I had a website that started to rank in the first page, then I pitched to some business owners without a website ( Found them on Facebook and Yelp) and one of them was so angry on Yelp, he paid them 2,000$ per month! After he fights them about this amount they started to delete positive reviews of him, so he really wants to work with me.

    We had a deal and then I verify with him GMB- Google My Business and linked that to my website.

    In addition, he wants from me after that to manage his Facebook page and a few small sales.


    I am gonna develop more and more websites and improve the process.
    EMD- Exact Match domain names are still a great investment for the guys who want to develop them! They are easier to rank.
    I have to Re-design the website, make it faster and continue with content + SEO, The website is alive for less than 90 days!

    There are some little tricks that I did with the SEO and you should learn some SEO if you want to develop local websites.
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    shhhhhhhh lol rank and bank. Looks like its 2012 again from my perspective.

    In all seriousness very curious to see how this thread goes.
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  3. ~ The 34 Year Buzz!!

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    You are really good at something I am (personally, still, almost always) unable to get excited about. You deserve to make huge profits, especially if local businesses are gaining value. :)
  4. Joe Nichols

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    Really interesting to read your process. Much appreciated from someone who has no development background.

    May I ask what kind of pricing structure you use when you find your first renter? And do you build in a variable component to the deal that allows to to profit more as you generate more leads?
  5. levinsondomains

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    Hey Joe,

    I am trying to give some free leads first to build trust and show the value of the website.
    About payment structure, I don't want to track it so much so I take a monthly payment.
  6. Joe Nichols

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    Thanks Omar.

    Since I've never created a lead gen website myself (or even read much about it), I'm curious to know how some of the logistics work. For example:
    • Once potential customers start contacting you via phone or email, what do you tell them before you have actually attached yourself to a business?
    • Once you have agreed to convert leads for one particular business, what is required from you at that point? Is it simply a matter of keeping the site up-to-date and the content fresh, or is there a daily administrative component as well?

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