.CAR , .CARS , and AUTO gTLD being Auctioned July 13th 2020 tomorrow

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    .car .cars and auto are going on the auctioning block tomorrow.

    Who's going to participate ?

    Any guesstimates on the price?

    For those of you that are interested.....

    I have a very unique Intellectual property. IP that would be in the same place as these gTLDs.

    I'm selling my Automotive/ Cars/vanity IP PROPERTY.
    • It's a .COM Original Very desirable.
    • It's 20+ years old …never been advertised publicly.
    • It's has Registered Trademarks.
    • It's has an very desirable and extremely RARE 1-800 Vanity number for US and Canada.
    • It's very Brandable. And "EVERY CAR GUY" would "get it" !!
    • No one else in the world will have this "unique domain address" for their own.
    For the "end user" of this RARE Intellectual Domain Property.
    • Huge automotive concerns in and of the world looking for unique expansion and brand awareness.
    • Automotive cable channels to tap a completely different market and merchandising products and interests and NEW car related programming.
    • Mega Car Business
    • Billionaire Car Collector for the Vanity of owning a Premium Vanity Domain Property.
    • IPO
    • Automotive Start-up company with Fresh venture capital funds.
    • Automotive Car Crazy Middle Eastern Sheik.

    So, If you know a CEO of a major Car/ Automotive concerns looking for a NEW direction.

    Automotive marketplace.

    Car Crazy Millionaire / Billionaire wanting the ULIMATE CAR GUY Domain.

    ***Send me a DM /PM with interested parties.

    ******** NDA's will be required. *******
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    How’s ending...? How busy these days?

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