Can NP auto-close aging Request threads?

Labeled as status-todo in Feature Requests and Suggestions, started by canswift, Aug 15, 2018


  1. canswift

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    I scan through the Domain Request (to buy) threads fairly often. I'm surprised to see so many threads left dangling, months or even years (literally) after the original post. Sometimes an unwary (often new) member will reply seemingly unaware that this is a very old request.

    I report the most obvious ones, but is there any way NP can auto-close a request thread after a certain amount of time elapsed without activity?
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  2. Amanda

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    Here's the relevant rule:
    • Rule 6.1.20. Listings must be closed when their creators are done with them, or update them every 14 days with a status update.
    I try to check the forum daily to make sure all the original posts contain the required criteria, that the posts are meeting the poster's criteria and to make sure they are active. I have been working on the older threads in this forum for about a month now after daily task are handled such as reports, alerts, messages, tags, etc. When I started there were over 38 pages and now it is down to 24 pages.

    I am hoping to have this forum cleaned up by the end of the month and then I will move on to other forums that need to be cleaned up too.

    Any suggestions?
  3. canswift

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    Hi @Amanda, I had noticed how busy you've been on closing down aging and abandoned threads on the Request forum! NP shouldn't have to be doing this, it should be self-policing. I suppose NP could institute incentives to clean up one's threads or penalties if one doesn't. Now I'm starting to sound like picking up after teenagers...

    Anyway, thanks for doing this, a thankless task I'm sure!
  4. Recons.Com

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    Automated solution would be better. Posting [in the thread by an admin to indicate it was closed] and then closing by admin lifts[/bumps] them to the top and makes harder to read through either the subforum or "new posts"
  5. Mod Team Bravo

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    That is a great point that we will need to keep in mind. It would be best if the notification about it being closed was only sent to the thread creator rather than bumping the thread with that notice before closing it.

    We also plan to add a feature to do this automatically in the future. For the time being, we are doing it manually.

    Please report any that we miss. :)

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