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opinion Can I sell domains to Universities?

There may be individual academics/sociologists at universities with interest, but finding them would be very challenging. IMO, reaching out to (French) academic societies, publishers, associations etc. could be more fruitful.
I did make a sale to Emory University years ago, and have sold names to State Governments (sold PureMichigan dot com) but that was a lot of work. Takes a lot of work and ingenuity and not having big expectations. Good luck in whatever path you take!

it's much better, if you had a word that would draw interest, from a wider audience.
then the possibility of someone "contacting you" would be greater.

when you post a domain, then have to "translate" it's meaning
and then the meaning isn't a highly sought keyword or in the "commercial" category...
then the likelihood of interest from a Customer Service rep, who might read your letter, would probably send it to junk folder.

about a decade ago, i sold a domain on sedo, which was purchased by a university.

perhaps try:

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Outbound marketing is usually disappointing. Toughest part with large organizations is getting to the right decision maker involved or someone that can pitch the idea to the decision maker.

If their info in the Whois, that would be the email to try first.

Good luck!
Thanks a lot!
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