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Hope you're all well.

Just wanted to start off a discussion in regards to the process that you guys follow when buying and selling domains.

What steps do you take? What sites do you visit? What services do you use? What improvements do you make (if any)?

I'm just trying to see if people do similar things and what works best to get the best results. Hopefully this will be valuable information to everyone. If you are not willing to share your sources or processes with the public, but would like to speak to me directly, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear from you!
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Check out this site, it has a lot of info on this topic:

Jokes aside, read the forums from front to back and you'll find all your answers. G'luck
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My process:
  • Every day, I add domains that I think up to a wish list.
  • Using that list, I monitor the status of those domains to know when they're listed for sale, expiring, or available for registration. I buy whenever the opportunities makes sense.
  • Then I list the domains for sale on the aftermarket and wait.
That has worked well for me.