question Buying at the end of year, or at the beginning, which one is better



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I'm going to say December for two reasons. From sellers perspective most people are buying Christmas gifts and arranging Christmas parties so they are most likely looking for some extra cash. Second, also from sellers perspective, many domainers will be looking to end the year on a high (with a sale) so selling a domain name, particularly what they consider to be the excess stock, will be high on their list of priorities. I could be wrong. From buyers perspective I'm going with January because most business people are winding down in December and conversely they are getting back in the flow starting second week of January with new projects on the horizon. Perhaps businesses have a new budget in January also but I'm not a budgetary or tax expert. I like your question @topdom. Best day to outbound well I'd say Friday morning because that's when most people are online and have normally finished the most important things they were doing during the business part of the week. Worst day would be Monday (new week, not interested in arbitrary matters like buying domain names) or the weekend (most people aren't working). Cheers.
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