Buying a domain with huge backlinks ?

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    Hopefully someone on here can help me out .I bought a domain with 1 Million backlinks ;/ cool thought it be a great buy.

    so the domain was used for a furniture site up until this year then they switched domains.

    I checked the backlinks and it came from 1 domain. 1 Million from 1 Domain?

    Whats the best way to go forward with this domain do i try and develop it or are the BL just so narrow the traffic would never find its way to the site?
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    It's always a good idea to know what you're going to do with the domain before you buy it.

    If the purpose was to develop it to get it ranked quickly and dominate a specific niche, then in that perspective it can be seen as a good buy.

    If however the goal was to buy the name to resell immediately, then the backlinks don't really mean anything and it's all about the quality of the name.
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    don't ever buy backlinked names, unless you have checked "where" those backlinks are.

    also, remember that backlink traffic if any, is totally dependant on the webmaster of any respective site, where those links reside.

  4. Pepto

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    My sole purpose was to flip it don't have a good structure in place to develop sites and my skills in IT are pretty standard ( I do have a qualification in Computing and Software Engineering) i know a little HTML and some VB and even that's poor.

    Without purchasing a tool i have been taking domains half on a whim and half on the free tools that i can use to check backlinks. is the site with 1 Million backlinks

    bought a couple more with 600K backlinks most coming from a football news site which are

    the newcastle one has a lot of traffic i have it parked but the revenue is little-absent whilst the westham one is noticeably quieter traffic wise but both from the same source site.

    All in all i picked them up cheap enough so having them parked alone should retain profit over a year .

    I don't yet have a huge pot to invest from and being relatively new buying low and selling slightly higher would be ideal.

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